Hi everyone, I don’t often feel like I can share all the thoughts and process that goes behind Lu’s Hands in a picture. What is Lu’s hands I ask my self? Lu’s hands is my brand name and that includes part of my name that is Lucia and Hands, because I work with it, and they are my healing tools. I have been making my own herbal remedies for a long time, before I sold herbal skincare I used to be fascinated by their folklore and use herbs for magical reasons.

Harness their power in incense blends, herbal smokes, anointing oils, herbal sachets and dream pillows. I used to carry around with me a little pouch full of medicine bags and things I have made wherever I was travelling. Everything made religiously in commune with Nature. I still make all of this on the side, but I was thinking that in our everyday life there was something missing, or something that this society we live in won’t let us see. The daily practice of washing you face, can be your prayer, the way you cleanse the dirt out of your life, with the simple act of washing your face you can connect in this simplicity with something much deeper. Same for any other beauty task. It’s so undervalued and we are brought to think that our bodies are strangers and we are totally disconnected with it. We are ONE and our body is constantly screaming at us but we can’t hear. That’s why I wanted to create a range of beauty products to change the perception we have of beauty, and make it became more of a ritual like it used to be. Everything can be magical if you do it with the right intention. I spend quite a long time studying, researching, and find the most ethical and sustainable suppliers here in UK where I live.

Lu’s Hands products are handmade entirely by me in my one bedroom flat, where all the magic happens. If you come to my house you would never think I live in London. I use the space I have the best I can, I infuse the herbs in oil for many moon cycles on one side of my kitchen cupboard, where another cupboard I keep my stock, another is my homeopathy cupboard with thousands remedies and mother tinctures. Then there is my most favourite herbs cupboard. Sometimes no m,atter what mood I am in I open that cupboard I smell all the mixture of herbs and I am healed.

Lu’s hands is an honest small batch herbal beauty care business that takes a lots of thoughts and intention an time behind everything. I also see people one to one for Homeopathic consultations and remedies.

Please feel free to contact me to ask me any questions.

With Love, Lucia



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