Welcome to Lu’s hands..

I want you to feel at home when you come here.

You are welcomed in this space for who you are and your uniqueness.

I’d like you to feel as if you are in a room with your GrandMothers and Mothers, and Sisters. Your Grand Mother is gently brushing your hair there is a small fire burning on the fire place and your sister just prepared some tea, it’s a warm mix sweetened with honey.

Your Mother went outside in the garden picking some red roses for you, your GrandMother will pound them in her mortar with oil, they will Offer this pink golden beauty elixir to you, you are ready..

You are anointing yourself with this timeless beauty product and by the time you finish you can sip your tea, do it gently, do it quietly, take time to really feel every part of you flowing and connecting with this medicine.

There is loose incense burning, handmade in the house with sacred herbs and dark resins.

The scent of your Grandmothers love lingers in the room while you are scrolling through my website, you smell of roses now.